Microminiature Exhibition



Great art hidden in small details is waiting for you at Antalya Aquarium… Antalya Aquarium continues to open its doors to international art activities. A caravan in the eye of a needle, a fox on a grape seed, a sailboat on a rice grain! The works of world famous master of microminiatures Nikolai Syadristy will be exhibited at Antalya Aquarium during six months, starting from September 12. Microminiatures are ultra minified, small-scale exact equivalents of real objects, compositions, portraits of people and bas-reliefs. Microminiatures, whose size ranges from 3 mm to 5 mm, can be seen only with the help of a microscope. Nikolai Syadristy, who has created since 1956 a numerous number of works, many of which entered the Guinness Book of Records, describes his works as a combination of art, engineering and science. The artist, who has his own special technique, creates his works of art using very special tools and such materials as gold, platinum, sapphire etc. Nikolai Syadristy, who thinks that his art is “the art of the 21st century”, states that while creating his works, which are generally completed within one and a half or two months, even heart beatings and breathing have importance. Handmade masterpieces of Nikolai Syadristy, which have already been exhibited in more than 100 cities of the world from Europe to America and from China to Australia, have aroused great interest and have been highly praised by important public officials and artists from all over the world. This very special exhibition at Antalya Aquarium is waiting for those who want to see a signature written on a hair

Other Activities

  • Activities on Grass Area
  • Fish Feeding
  • Events

School groups, youth groups and corporate launching events are waiting for you on a grassy area of 500 square meters at a distance of only 70 meters from Konyaaltı Beach under the shadow of Taurus Mountains!

You can plan extraordinarily entertaining activities with your teammates outdoors from tug of war to sack race or musical chairs to keepy uppy and from archery to kite festival.

There are hundreds of sharks inside the main tank of Antalya Aquarium that features water capacity of more than 5 million liters. There are breathtaking moments during the feeding times of sharks that are fed by specially trained divers by hand. If you would like to witness this special activity, do not forget to learn about the shark feeding hours before your trip to the Aquarium!

There are very exclusive spaces in Antalya Aquarium for private and also incentive events. You can organize a special cocktail or dinner inside the world’s largest tunnel aquarium or plan a special presentation or press conference in front of the glamorous view of the shipwreck.