10 / 10 incelendi.

thousands of species, ten thousands of underwater creatures

The decoration of the main tank was made by the famous Italian sculptor Benedetti in South Africa. The decoration, which includes real-sized plane, ship and submarine wrecks, is the biggest coral reef decoration in the world. Additionally, the clearest aquarium water of the world is in Antalya Aquarium!

Ticketing Slope Photo Taken Area
Information Area Stairs Fire Exit
Slope Turkish Seas and Horseshoe Crabs
Photo Taken Area Special Aquariums
Information Area Tropic Reef
World Oceans Fringebarbel sturgeon
Three Islands Shark Tank
Cave Aquariums Shark Hall
Shark Souvenir
World Rivers
Ladder Down to the Tunnel and Main Tank
Dark Waters
Main View Seagift Souvenir
Underwater Cave Mado Cafe & Patisserie
Wrecked Aircraft Watch Window
Exit Hall Mcdonald’s
Black Stone Italian İce Cream Antalya Sofrası Restaurant
Magic Fish & Spa (Doctor Fish)
Değirmen Cafe & Patisserie
Sushico 4D Cinema

snow world

coolest adventure

swimming reef

inspiring adventure

fear trophy

fear trophy
    Antalya, Turkey

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